I called the Labor Union and they said they got a job running a 90lb jack hammer all day for $45 an hour.

Me thinks that I’m too damn old to be running a 90lb jackhammer all day even if I can dead lift 375lbs 6 times. Gym strength vs all manual labor strength is different. But I will take what I can get.

It’s a big government project with lots of OT. Fml! I guess if that is THE DUDES will. So be it! Hahahahah. I did all that in my 20s. Its either that or Hod carrying for brick masons all day. I’d rather run a jackhammer. Hahahah I did that Hod carrying for 3 months when I was 25. That’s a whole lot like work. Hahaha. Got to do something to get of this fuckin debt hole I’m in. I’m willing.

I’m looking into the insurance license thing but that may take a while to get a license.

If you want a resident producer license, pre-licensing education (PLE) must be completed before you can sign up for an exam or submit a license application.

You must complete 20 hours of PLE for each major line of authority (LOA) you wish to obtain.

Major lines include: life, disability, property, casualty and personal lines. PLE may be completed either by attending classes or by self-study, as long as the courses are purchased from an approved provider. A list of approved providers may be viewed below this question section. I gotta buy all these books and study gear and sign up with some dude and pay a fee to have him say i studied. LOL

And Right  about now $2500 a week take home running a 90lb Jack hammer is looking pretty damn good. At least it gets me off the government unemployment tit. After child support and taxes that doesn’t pay shit.

I went and forced an interview at a Toyota dealership but their inventory is so low that she just cant hire me because she laid off 3 employees due to the Toyota plant being down for Covid 19.

But I did get her number and i closed her on going to dinner with me. Maybe I can work that angle. Hahahahhahah. If I gotta fuck the sales manager to get a job selling cars? Well, these are desperate times.  At least she is a woman and she is decent looking enough.. Not really my flavor but like I said, I’m not a saint. Hahaha.

In my late 20’s I sold Kirby Vaccumes and I slept with lot of lonely women who bought vacuumed cleaners after. I feel kinda shitty about that.  Not something im proud of.  Still its kinda funny. lol Id like i have grown since then. Hahaha.

I need to make atleast $12-15k a month that is what I’m used to.

Ain’t nobody offering any assistance so I will go figure it out.

Cant rent a house or an apartment without a job. So I will go run a jackhammer. Fml. Hahahahahahah!



I know give away everything I own to run a 90lb jackhammer 2 years later. Brilliant Strategy! ROTFLMFAO!

Fack! Hahahhaha.  Hey atleast I got a good attitude today. Hahah

And I’m out and about doing THE DUDES work. So I’m have a great day! AND WHO KNOWS, maybe a miracle will save me from an early death at the end of a 90lb jackhammer? hahahahah Id probably wish for death but  wont die. hahahahahah.

I can hear Aronld now, you eva go to recall? I want a vacation on Mars. Hoping in Johny Cab, pulling big tracker boogers out my nose and talking to Quade who looks like a morphadite baby in dudes belly.

Although fighting with Sharon Stone in leggings does sound fun. Hahahahhahah!

Mars! Hahhaahha

Cue: ~If your happy and ya know it clap your hands.


Staring Elmo from Ses a me street



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  1. “I know give away everything I own to run a 90lb jackhammer 2 years later. Brilliant Strategy! ROTFLMFAO!”

    You’re making better decisions now. Sometimes it is fun to look back & see the stupid thing we did. It’s all part of life. Enjoy the good feeling.

    • Well, ya know one of my favorite sayings is Mr Mason. “More will be revealed.” Last time I worked at the labor union I ended on a directional drill rig crew running fiber for BNSF rail road. Hella good gig until I got burned out from working 110 hours a week all over the nation. In 5 months I saved up $63,000 because my food and place to live was paid for by the company. And that was 25 years ago $65k. It was pretty fun, except changing bits with these big 4 foot pipe wrenches. You put your weight on the pipe wrench and the driller spins the bit and if it doesnt brake loose yo go flying about 10 feet if you dotn forget to let go so your hand doesnt get smashed. Hahahah.

      Still it was a good gig. I ran drill rig for a month but after 5 months I was like F this shit. I’m in the mountains of Colorado blading off snow in the morning in a Dozer so we can drill and by noon it was 100 degrees out then by 6pm its 30 and snowing. Lol

      So, like I said. I have a plan. God has a plan. God has the best plan. So I’m going with God on this. Have a wonderful night. I’m busy helping someone find their way. *tips hat.

  2. You got it. It’s all about action. Going out there, doing it, and taking all the negative bullshit along for the ride. It’s never going to get any better, any easier, or any more understandable. This is it, life is now and you’re never going to have a better moment than this.

    • Absolutely. I mean I could come into $100 million tonight. I have defeninenty had stranger stuff than that happen. I have experienced soo many whoooaaaa wtf! Miracle happenings. I could never even tell them all. THE DUDE is like that. Just when I think I got it figured out and mind you I’m super clairvoyant so it takes alot to out think me. But THE DUDE suprises me all the time.

      Remember when I was at the Gas pump in Palm Desert, Ca at 4am and I heard, Go to the Hopi Indian Reservation right now. The whole world just went on “shelter in place” lock down 3 days before. And I said what? Because the thought was foriegn to me. Definitely not my thought. So I blew it off. I didn’t know who or what the Hopi Indians were let alone where there rez was. When I went into get a coffee and a couple packs of smokes and pay for my gas I heard it again. Go now! to the Hopi Indian Reservation. I heard about some prophecy they had like 10 years ago. So I got in the car and looked it up. Their rez was in Arizona inside the Navaho Rez. I was wow! That like 900 miles away. I heard Go Now! So I said ok ya fuckin nag. I will go. I GPSd it and drove through Death Valley on route 66 and I only saw 2 cars. I stopped and got gas on “Andy Devine Road” in some state. Might have been Nevada. I’m not sure. And a few other places I stopped for snacks and gas.

      The exact moment! I mean the Exact Moment I pulled into the Hopi Indian Reservation Gift shop and info center which was closes. A shaman named Red Sky Bear who drove non stop from a Minneapolis Minnesota gas station hearing the same exact thing with no plans of ever going there pulled in with his truck and 5th wheel. We both heard the call to drive there getting gas and had no idea where the Hopi rez was or why we were told to go there.

      Never met the dude before in my life. Never even knew there was a Shaman named red sky bear. and we showed up at the same exact moment both coming from completely different directions.

      I walked around and cleaned up the trash aeound the place. We sat and smoked. He knew my name without me telling him it. My name I use in the net. “Zero”. And he said you have the most amazing brain. I never met someone who uses 100% of their brain. I said I do think about stuff alot. But I doubt its 100%

      Anyway. I said what do we do now. He said listen and then do what you feel your supposed to. So I sat and thought. I got up and I had this blanket around me because it was super windy and kinda cold and overcast. The blanket says hope, healing energy, love, faith stuff like that in golden letters on a purple background. It was blowing like a Cape. I went back over to the gift shop. There is what looks like a well for getting water out of. But its filled with dirt. So I climbed up and stood in the center of it. As I did? The clouds broke open and the sunlight beamed down on me. I shit you not. I stood there with my eyes closed feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. When the clouds moved back so it wasnt shining on me anymore.

      Then I went and sat back with my new friend the Shaman. I said did you see that. He said how could I not. Look! And all the sudden the Hopi Indian Reservation got super active. We hadn’t seen not one car or one person before that. Now all these cars were meeting down the road. Like a 100 of then. Then this dude shows up and tries to sell me a blue kachina doll. I shook his. In a different way than a normal hand shake. He smiled and said you know the way. I dont know how I knew that secret hand shake. I never did it with anyone. He offered to sell me the blue kachina doll and I said I dont even know why I’m here. Something told me to come and I drove here from California. HE Said that a friend of yours pointing to the Shaman. I said never seen him in my life until today. He said you both showed up together. I said we were both told to come here. Neither of us know why. He laughed and said you from California? I said not originally. Originally I’m from way up north in Alasaka. He said something in Hopi to me. I said can I talk to your elders so they can tell me why I here. He said listen white brother. You know why you are here. I said nope. I have no idea. So he left to go down the road where they were beating drums and all the cars showed up. I looked at the Shaman he looked at me. I got his number and said I will have a smoke. If nothing happens? I think I did what I’m supposed to do. This is all weird. And I want to be back home for dinner.

      So I smoked and then I left. I got to the gas station just outside the Navaho Rez and all got super tired. So I took a nap. When I woke up I remembered this rock I found a while back. I think it is the corner stone to their prophesy tablet. Which is 5000 years old. I dont know why I kbow that. But this was so weird. I stashed it at a secret place in California. Nobody would know what it is by looking at it. Nobody would find its location without me showing them bec6im smart enough to have a vault in my mind that nobody can access and cant hack.

      So you know what Mr Mason. Maybe I go running a 90lb jackhammer and maybe I dont. Maybe I just needed to be willing to do so. One things for sure. My life ain’t like the normal every day joe who works, eats dinner and watches sitcoms for years on end. Hahaha not even remotely the same.

      I don’t take life too serious most of the time. I have my moments. Everyone does. But I’m living in a giant moving puzzle where sometimes I’m the piece that fits and sometimes I’m the hole that someone or something else fits with.

      More will be revealed. Moving forward. 🙂

    • Oh and as soon I drove off the Hopi Rez? The Shaman said he was asked to leave and they locked down the Hopi Rez and the Navaho Rez. It’s like an egg. The Hopi Rez is in the middle of the Navaho Rez. Like the Navaho is a moat around the Hopi.

      Now they asked me many times to complete the labyrinth. lots of signs and want me to come back and bring the stone with me. I just tell them in meditation, I need money. Lol. Which is honest. I need resources before I can make it back there with the corner stone. Until that happens? You will have to wait. They are persistent tho. I seen Van’s with Priorty One written on them with the Native Labyrinth symbol on them and I have seen the Labyrinth symbol many times since. But I cant afford to drive to California get the rock and then go to the Hopi Rez again.

      The whole thing sounds crazy as F. But I assure you. It is a true story. True event. So this side of shit load of money falling in my lap which I would pay my car payments up to date, get tabs and an oil change, insurance and need to have gas money and food money to go back there to the Hopi Rez? They have to wait just like me. No matter how persistent their sending me signs is. Doesnt change the fact I need resources to do it. Which isn’t my problem. Lol THE DUDE is in charge of that.

      So file a complaint with HIM. Lol. Take a number and get in line. Hahaha.

      Now all tribes in north and south America call the Hopi Eldest. thev are the oldest indigenous people on the north and south american continent. Maybe the world.

      But it doesnt change shit. Because I cant complete their prophecy tablet with the corner stone without the money to go get it and go there. Completing the Labyrinth. so like I said. They have to wait. Just like me.

      I dont care if ya believe me or not. Belief has nothing to do with it. Everything I just told you is true.

      I think I represent the new spirituality and the Shaman represents the old way. Physical incarnations of the Trusted White Brothers. The Two Witnesses in the Bible. The Blue Kachina and the Red Kachina. Or so they believe.

      I’m not sure what to think about it. I cant do anything right now anyways. Until the resources to do so come in? It has to wait. They wait. I wait, everyone waits. Lol

    • The really weird thing is. The entire route I took to go to see the Hopi? Every single road I took and every single off ramp or cross street. All the names of every road and off ram and cross street related something to a portion of my life. I was tripping. I mean Andy Devine road? Wtf??!!! It all had wierd spellings but every single road and off ramp and cross road related to something in my life up to that point. Mind you I was completely sober and of sound mind.

      The odds of every single off ramp, every single road and cross road synching up with some event or experience in my 50 year life on a 900 mile drive I had no plans that morning ever driving or and have never drove in my life. THE DUDE, ya know?

      Simply amazing.

    • If ya ever want to talk on the phone Mr Mason. You can Email me at my contact info on my site. The email is listed. I got a newly random generated phone number which has 11^33 in it. Many combinations of 3 in it. Including multiple 33’s in it. And other combinations. I dont live in the “regular” world of TV dinners and CNN news. Like everyone else. Lol. You could say, I’m on a whole different plane of existence. Hahahahaha.

      You know the Hermetic book “The Kybalian”?

      Chapter XV, Hermatic Axioms.

      “You do not have to shovel out or sweep out the Darkness, but by merely opening the shutters and letting in the Light the Darkness has disappeared.”

      So, maybe I run a 90lb jackhammer and maybe I dont. Maybe I just need to be willing to follow THE DUDES direction. And IF that is part of his plan. I dont like it. but I’m willing. I guess that is what matters most.

      Ok, off to help a friend. Until tomorrow. have a wonderful night.

    • You want to hear something funny. I got home and I hardgly ever watch TV and there is this movie called Guns, Girls and Gambling. Its about a lost Hopi Indian mask being returned. And all the charchaters names are nicknames I have for various people I know and met on the net. Like the Rancher. It’s my Nicname for Wiliam around the Ranch who comments on George’s site.

      Very funny. I mean really funny. I cant do anything about it. If you want want me to bring the stone to the Hopi DUDE? Then you gotta give me the funds. You know I always do as ya ask. Tell The Hopi, quit nagging at me for Fs sake. I cant go back there. I live until 2088 and yes I know it’s been over a year. So, is what it is.

      I got other shit to do.


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