Will be back to writing tomorrow

I apologize for my absence. Yesterday I Had intended to write an article on what I call Biogenesis.

I ended up on a grand adventure with much Synchronicity and had to get a fellow traveler to where he needed to be, which involved talking to an old friend who owns a Nascar Team,  and may have inadvertently may have got a job selling Caddilacs. Ha ha ha. My life is not normal. Hahhaha.

Ya see I have posted quite a few stories of experiences in the past. However,  those amazing miracle stories make up about 1/2 of 1% of all the stories or events I have participate in this life.

I want you to know the Great Work or Grand Adventure is always happening and I’m busy about it. My life is not my own.

So, with any luck, I will have time to begin writing tomorrow again. And produce a small book about how to turn back the clock of aging that I have found using various principles and truths I have discovered scattered among various sources and books throughout history.

First, I have to go help someone this morning get where they need to go and follow up on a few other action items.

I hope that you are all Blessed and Highly Fortunate as I am.

Infinitely NOW!

Just Andy

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