Did I ever tell ya, When I was living in Cochella valley. I was sitting outside of the Albertsons there in Rancho Mirage on the bench. Same place I met that 98 year old woman and shared a piece of chicken with her I had bought a bag of chicken in the store, offered her a piece and she said thank you and took a wing. She said, they don’t let me eat this stuff anymore. I’m 98 years old. You would think I was old enough to eat whatever the hell I damn well wanted. She moved to Palm Springs back in 69 and was good friends with Bob Hope back in the day. Really nice lady. We just shared a piece of Chicken while she waited for her uber.  Really nice lady.

Anyway it was the same spot. I was just sitting there for a minute having a smoke and thinking about stuff on that bench. This is before the George Floyd incident. An older black dude came sat next to me and said hi. I said hi in return and asked how his day was. He said well shit. You know its a bitch getting old. I’m not supposed to smoke anymore. So dont tell anyone but I can I have one of those? I said sure. Gave him a Marlboro Red. I stuck out my hand said, Andy. Nice to meet ya. He stuck our his and his hands were huge, bigger than mine and said Wes good to meet you too. Thanks for the smoke. Ya got a light too. I said yes sir. We sat there and you all know how I am.

I said Wes? He said, yes Andy? I said are you a friend of Dan Fouts? He said wow, yeah I am a friend of Dan’s. I said, would be Was Chandler of the San Diego Chargers? His eyes lite up and he got a huge smile on his face  and said, now nobody know who the hell I am now days without an announcement. Holy Cow! I am Wes Chandler. (13 th all time wide receiver in the NFL Hall of fame). I said I used to watch you when I was a kid. You are an amazing athlete. He’s said, well I was. I said what do ya do now? He said. I hang out with white dudes on the bench. I bust out laughing. I said I guess so. He said thanks man. You made my whole week. Nobody remembers me anymore. I said, well I sure hope your week gets alot better.

We sat there a moment just watching people go in and out of the store. I stood up and said nice to meet ya Wes smiled and shook his hand again. He said Like wise Andy.  Have. A great day. He smiled and you too.

As I was walking away he said Andy?!  I turned still walking and yeah Wes.  He said You ever do anything big? I smiled back at him and said, I just did Wes.

He bust out laughing.

Then I grabbed an older ladies grocery cart and returned it to the cart return for her.

True story.

We never talked about race, white privilege, or anything else. None of that shit mattered. Just two guys who crossed paths for a moment.  What was was super important was recognition that we all have value. Never saw him again. Ya see the news would have ya believe one thing. But most people are just people really… Looking for connection to each other in life.

Hope you take the time to sit and think about stuff for a few.  You never know who you might meet or what you might see it that ya haven’t seen before.

Remember, a single act of kindness and recognition can make soemone whole week.

Achi-eve-ment 🔓🔑

Cue: ~Try it for One Day.  You won’t regret it. ~

Hands down the best Positive Affirmation I have found this side of creating your own.


Clique 116!

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  1. You, see, Andy, MOST of us have been doing this our WHOLE LIVES. Being nice and kind to everyone we meet. You just do not hear about it. What you hear is the drone of racism, division, White privilege, hate Whitey cause Whitey is bad, bad, bad. It is everywhere tv, radio, newspapers, our elected leaders, state and national, education, all levels, hollywood, commercials, etc. You two men are and were old enough to have made a difference, in your life’s example, your whole lives. How many souls do you think you both have influenced for the better? Keep writing, be that mouthpiece for the good that does not get hardly any air time. Maybe you will be offered a tv or cable show slot to wipe some of that hostile racist division s h i t off the telly.

    • Yes! All souls are the same color. I don’t falt anyone for where they came from, what they look like or their creed or religion. It’s their choice as a human go make. Who am I to say otherwise. But generosity and kindness is always welcome no matter the language or place of birth.

  2. Andy you know I have sure liked the positive things Trump has accomplished during his 4 years. What I was really getting tired of was much of his negative way of doing it. Just puts a real pall on the whole country.

    • I hear ya man. I subscribe to a different vantage point when it comes to Political stuff.

      To me it’s all scripted. I used to be a CNN and Fox Junkie years ago. Switching back and forth between both channels durring commercials to “Stay current with world affairs and events.” As a responsible father and head of the house should.

      One day I was switching back and forth and accidently click on a differnt channel as was heading to the kitchen to get some more coffee. I was listening and I was thinking here we go with the shouting match about the other team being a bunch of sell outs and why they are corrupt. As was listening intently to both sides yell it out.

      When I got back to the TV room it was then I realized the channel o was on was WWE wrastling. It wasn’t even CNN or Fox news. And I when I was listing in the kitchen and not watching it, I had no idea I was listening to WWE wrestlers yell at each other. I thought it was on CNN or Fox news.

      I used to spend hours watching these channels and gobbling all that stuff up every day. Right then I realized for the first time in my life it’s same shit. It’s all entertainment and I wasnt really staying informed or up to date. I was eating up a bunch of scripted non sense. So I turned it off. Since then I think I watched that stuff for 3 hours in the last 12 years total. And only because someone else had the TV on and it was on one of those channels.

      Every single time the person was upset about all that was on the TV and outraged about all the political stuff going on. I would literally see them clenching their fists and scowling or laughing in hysterics and being completely enamored, hypnotized and captivated by what’s on those channels.
      That was me too. And now I don’t surrendered my Serenity to that sorta non sense bullshit any more. So, ya I guess things are a mess but that doesn’t mean I need to be a mess too.

      When I look into the future of the world and all Dynamics? I don’t look at it with a biased, hypnotized, captivated eye. I look at it with a clean mind. That is the only way to see it. And I never forget, The Creator is still in charge. I am blessed and Highly favored to know the truth about that.

      I could still be captivated, hypnotized and enamored and prone to hysterics and rage. Thank God I’m free from that. I’m so grateful that stuff doesnt hold sway over me anymore.


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