Wonderful Whirled

Sorry for my absence, sometimes I just like to listen for a while.

About 6 months ago, I saw the finest display of “Love” I have seen in a while.  I went with a friend to one of his friends house who invited us both over for a BBQ. My long time friend had the show up time wrong and we showed up an hour a half early.

When we got there to the couple’s house. Something was going and The lady of the House was upset at our early arrival.  She wanted to move her green house and fill it with top soil and had some other issues going on.

So she asked me to move my car and she hauled out of the driveway and left. Her boyfriend the Man of the house asked is if we wanted anything to drink and told is we were an hour and early but it was ok.

We appolgised and we sat and had a cigerette over a cold bottle of water. A few minutes later she came flying back up the driveway and in to the house having forgot her purse. Then screeched out of the driveway and down the road with all the fury of of a whirling Tempest.

We said, maybe we should go. He looked and said, no you are fine. She is just having a hard time. Can ya help me move a few things. We said sure and we helped him move some wood and slide the green house over a few feet.

Back up the driveway she came screaching to a halt ran back in the house this time she was getting her phone she left. Then back down the driveway. A blurr of blond hair, lip gloss and tire smoke.

After we moved everything, we said ya know we probably should just come back. He said have one more smoke and then I understand. As we lit up our cigs back up the driveway she came and screatched to a halt.. sat in her car with music blaring. He said excuse me, I will be right back. Both my long time friend and I just nodded and I thought maybe we should have brought popcorn instead of tatersalad.

He went over to her drives side window. She rolled it down, turned down the music and he just smiled at her. She said a bunch of stuff I didn’t hear. He nodded and just smiled. Then reached in and kissed her on the forehead. The said something softly to her. I still don’t know what he said and he walked away. He came back over to us and none said anything. Just sat in the shade smoking and drinking iced water.

3 or 4 minute later she got out of the car. When she did he walked over and grabbed a wheel barrel and started shoveling top soil. She came over and grabbed a shovel and started shoveling too.  He ran it in the green house and spread it then came out and they both started shoveling top soil again into the wheel barrel. After a few shovels he noticed she was struggling with her shovel and he handed her his and said use this one. It’s the better shovel. She smiled for the first time since I met her. She took it and he nodded.

She never looked over at us. They were about 40 feet away. I tapped on my buddys leg that was next to me he looked over at me. I said, you see that? He said yep. I said now, that is real love.  He smile and said, yep. Best BBQ I think I ever been too. I said me too. I’m full. You still hungry? He said nope. I’m full too. I said let’s get our of here. He nodded in agreement.

So we went over and offered our help and they both said, no, we got it. And we both said, yes, yes you do.  My buddy and I Meaning something differnt than moving dirt.  We said, We are gonna run to the store. They said ok, we’ll see ya in a little bit.

We didnt go back to the BBQ that day. However, We smiled the whole way home. They wernt even aware how spiritually full we were from the BBQ.

That man never said one incling of a bad word to her or to us about her. He never mentioned her struggles, or what was going on. He didnt blast it on Facebook or twitter. He never said, ya know “when ya have a hot girlfriend it comes with a certain amount of crazy.” Like most men do.  He never shared her secrets nor anything about it. He never lost his cool or even so much had a look of embarassment on his face. He never let her actions dicate his reactions nor did it for split second change his affection, respect and love for her.

That is true love. That is being a true Man. The fullness of being patient, kindness, slow to anger, quick to forgive. He didn’t love her because she was a trophy or what she looked like. (although she is a stunning woman) He didn’t love her because of how she made him feel about himself. He didn’t love her for how it made him look. He didn’t love her because of what his friends thought. He didn’t love her until something shiney or better came along. He didn’t love her because of the money in her purse.

At the time, I thought most men would have burned the green house down, packed up their belongings, left the toilet seat up and headed for the bar. Not this dude,  He loved her because that is who he is and he loved her for her. That is true love. That is being a real man

Simply Wonderful to witness. I will never forget that for the rest of my days.

Another note:

Texas Hold ’em, I got 6 aces,

A set of 6.

I got 11 months clean and sober today, on 1/11/21

Cue: Georgia Satilites, ~Keep your hands to yourself. ~


Clique 116!

4 thoughts on “Wonderful Whirled”

    • Wonderful. This is a true event. Thanks for the comment N. I’m happy it touched you as much as it did my buddy Kirk and I two witness it. I will be beck to writing again. Me thinks the world needs more men like this and I feel now is is good time to start writting more about the things that matter most.

  1. Andy, I am married to a man like this. We met late in life so he got me at the end of summer, but he didn’t let me out to pasture or replace me with a younger filly these last 16 years. These men are mature and from them comes such kindness, loyalty, bravery, protectiveness, strength of spirit, hard work, faithfulness, caring, that their love is all that and more. These men are the fruit of the earth and they need to be heralded and honored. Thank you for sharing what a man’s love looks like and is.


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